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Please report cases of operators restricting or throttling access to content, services or applications. For a more precise description of what to report, check our guidelines.

What service or site, or person is unavailable or seems artificially slowed down. e.g. VoIP, p2p, filesharing, specific websites, etc.
EU member state where the restriction is reported.
The ISP or operator providing the Internet service.
The specific contract at the ISP provider. (please be as specific as possible)
We need your email to validate your report. Your email address is obligatory, but we will never use your personal data for anything else than checking the submission. (see next for an optional exception)
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On the Internet, you decide what you do, right? Not anymore!

Large telecommunication providers want to control what you do online. They want to block and throttle some of your communications, and charge you to use certain online services, content and applications.

Now is the time to fight back!

Help us chart all the ways that internet providers are violating our online freedom. Tell us about how your landline or mobile operator Internet provider restricts your connection. You can do so in less than two minutes!

We will report these violations to the European Commission and national authorities and demand action to address them.

Don't hesitate to give us feedback on this application by reporting any idea or issue with here : Feedback pad page