Do you want to check whether your access provider is manipulating your internet traffic? Great!

There are a lot of tools which make life easier for you. You can find very much more information about this subject on the website of measurementlab. Here is a short selection.

Recommended tools

These tools are probably the most helpful when it comes to tracking traffic discrimination.

  • neubot

    Available for Mac OS X, Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) and Windows.

    Neubot is a research project on network neutrality of the NEXA Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino. The project is based on a lightweight open-source programme that interested users can download and install on their computers. The programme runs in background and periodically performs transmission tests with some test servers and with other instances of the programme itself. These transmission tests probe the Internet using various application level protocols. The program saves tests results locally and uploads them on the project servers. The collected dataset contains samples from various Providers and allows to monitor network neutrality.

  • Glasnost test

    In-browser Java.

    Test whether certain applications or traffic are being blocked or throttled on your broadband connection. Glasnost attempts to detect whether your Internet access provider is performing application-specific traffic shaping. Currently, you can test if your ISP is throttling or blocking email, HTTP or SSH transfer, Flash video, and P2P apps including BitTorrent, eMule and Gnutella.

Additional tools

These tools are interesting to test the overall quality of your Internet connections.

  • Network diagnostic tool

    Runs on any browser and on Android.

    Test your connection speed and receive sophisticated diagnosis of problems limiting speed.

  • Network path & application diagnostics

    Diagnose common problems that impact last-mile broadband networks.

  • Bandwidth test

    Runs on Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Windows

    See how much bandwidth your connection provides

  • Traffic shaping test

    Runs on Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Windows

    Determine whether an ISP is performing traffic shaping. ShaperProbe detects whether your ISP performs "traffic shaping". Traffic shaping means that your ISP automatically drops your access rate after you have downloaded or uploaded a certain number of bytes. ShaperProbe detects whether traffic shaping is used in either the upload or download directions, and in that case that it is used, ShaperProbe reports the shaping rate and the "maximum burst size" before shaping begins.

  • NEWS

    Torrent-protocol based sensor plugin for Vuze/Azureus BitTorrent client using a crowd approach sharing data with peers.

  • DASU

    Torrent-protocol based sensor plugin for Vuze/Azureus BitTorrent client.

  • netalyzr

    browser java applet

    comprehensive tcp/udp and protocol level sensor see example report for capabilities