O2 (DE) O2 DSL Komplett Premium

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Affected resource
youtube, apple trailer, steam


Specific webservices /-sites are slowed down. Never reached the the promised 1.2 MB/sec with usual webtraffic (the contract even says 1.6 MB/sec but I was told that they could only guarantee 1.2 at my location, which was fine with me). Youtube was slowed to 0.4 MB/sec, apple trailer and steam to 0.8 MB/sec. I did multiple tests on different days and daytimes. Though Bittorrent was fine with 1.2 MB/sec. Called them, and even though they wouldn't admit any error on their side, the slowing of internet traffic ceased instantly after the call. This is the second time that I experience this with this provider. They sold me a huge traffic package, but slowed me down until I gave them a call. Last time they said something about an technical problem, but I'm suspicious now that it happened again with a new contract.

Sepia - 01/14/2012