Unitymedia NRW (DE) #5564889011, Service Location "Ardeystr. 148, DE-58453 Witten"

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Provider throttles connections to german "Freifunk" uplink servers.
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Freifunk is a mesh network driven by private users. It provides a free wifi network for public use. Moreover the Uplinks are used to run free wifi for refugees. Latest IP of the gateway that is being throttled is

RespectMyNet note

Can you be more precise ? It's not clear if it's the connections between you operator and Freifunk that are being throttled or that Freifunk alone is throttling something, or that your VPN is throttled :)


Moving the IPv4 Route for the destination Servers from Unitimedia to a VPN Tunnel running on a dedicated server of me, located in an external german data center directly unlocks full up-/download speed.
redflag237 - 03/04/2016