Telia (SE) additional package

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Zero-Rating of Spotify, Storytel and a list of radio stations
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Contractual restriction
Contract excerpt Free surf Listen Free surf Listening is an additional service that apply to selected mobile subscriptions to individuals. Free surf Listen applies right now on Spotify, the Swedish Radio, Radio Play and Storytel and you can stream up to 100 GB of music, radio and audio books per month, without prejudice to surf the amount of your subscription, representing more than 24 hours per day for a month . Free surf Listening is an additional service you can buy if you have a Telia Mobile and Telia Mobile Share Complete subscription. Free surf Listen, no term or period of notice. Applies when surfing in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Any costs to subscribe to a service that is included in the Free surf Listen to come. You can track your use of the My Telia. Free surfing Play means that music and audio streaming related to each service / channel included affect your tablet variety. Any other traffic-related images, videos, information texts, advertising that can be presented in the app or the website will continue to affect the amount of surf. What services are included may change and the affected customers will then be informed.