T-Mobile (NL) Stel Samen & Stel Bij-subscription whit a internetbundle of 6 GB or higher

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Very clearly offered as data-free music
Zero Rating
Contractual restriction
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There is a statement on the T-Mobile website (in Dutch) where they claim to pledge for client rights on this subject : http://newsroom.t-mobile.nl/t-mobile-zal-recht-van-klanten-bepleiten-voor-de-rechter/ Their offer is within the BEREC guidelines. But the Dutch government forbids zero rating, which makes this an interesting case. T-Mobile states their zero rating service is open for all music services (big or small) and therefore non-discriminotoir. But is zero rating truly in the interest of the consumer in the long term? To quote the inventor of the web, Tim Berners-Lee: "The moment you let net neutrality go, you lose the web as it is. You lose something essential – the fact that any innovator can dream up an idea and set up a website at some random place and let it just take off from word of mouth.” Zero rating takes power to choose out of the hands of the customer, and puts it in the hands of the operator.


Audiostreams which are on the list of T-Mobile are zero rated.
Edo - 10/24/2016