Free (FR) Freebox Mini 4K

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Affected resource
The operator 'Free' sells priority access to replay services.
Temporary restriction
Another offer provided by the same operator removes this restriction
Contractual restriction


Free is providing me internet and also give me access to television and replay through internet network. As I have a slow connection, there is sometimes internet/television/replay break. The problem is that Free wants me to subscribe to an additional service called 'Pass prioritaire' (priority pass) to improve my connection to TV and replays. This service cost an additional 3.99€/month or 0.99€/day here is the description provide by the operator of the service (in first the original text, and then my translation in English) En français : 'Pass prioritaire Freebox Replay est un service gratuit. Cependant, compte tenu du très grand nombre de demandes, nous vous conseillons d'activer un pass prioritaire qui vous garantira l'accès au service de toutes les chaînes à n'importe quelle heure.' In English : 'Priority Pass Freebox Replay is a free service. However, given the large number of requests, we advise you to activate a priority pass that will guarantee you access to the service of all channels at any time.' I've several remarks to point out : 1/ Freebox Replay is not free, it's an included service in the 'Freebox mini 4K' contract terms. 2/ TV and replays are provides by the same channel than internet. 3/ The description of the 'priority pass' is not clear enough. What is the nature of the service 'Pass prioritaire' ? How does it work? What are the condition of this guarantee? What happen to this prioritization if everybody subscribe to it? 4/ This service, even if it may be legal, is clearly a provocation regarding of the net neutrality, and looks a lot like a scam. 5/ I've discover that this pass is sold for more than 7years and, at this time, was considered as a short term solution by free itself. I've been chocked to discover this pass and wanted to signalize it.
Thomas - 04/04/2018